Aged Realms


👷 Jobs: Use the /jobs command to select your dream job and make money while fishing, hunting, mining, practicing alchemy, and more!

🗳️ Voting: Support the server by casting your votes with the /vote command and earn rewards as you help the community grow.

🎁 Crates: Uncover treasures and rewards by engaging in activities like treasure hunts, dungeon exploration, or purchase them from the store.

🎉 Piñata Parties: Join the celebration when the server receives 40 consecutive votes, and revel in fantastic rewards and money at these lively Piñata Parties.

🔍 Quests: Access the /q command for an array of exciting activities, from fishing to hunting, walking, and more, to earn money.

🚁 Envoy Events: Gather when there are 10+ players on the server for thrilling Envoy Events, with crates filled with goodies dropping around spawn.

💰 Trading: Explore player shops using the /pw command, engage in player-to-player trading, and discover fantastic deals to boost your wealth.

🎆 Holiday Events: Embrace the holiday spirit with special events related to major holidays like Christmas, Halloween, Fourth of July, and Thanksgiving, featuring exclusive rewards such as money and gear.

With these diverse opportunities, embark on thrilling adventures, connect with the community, and accumulate wealth in various ways while enjoying your time on the server. Let the fun and fortune begin! 🌄💰

Aged Realms

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